Posted by: alok | July 1, 2004

The First thoughts

Okey, dont get deceived by the title of the blog. Its not about my first thoughts about blogging, but about my first thoughts of doing MBA. Well, the seeds were probably sown during the college days at IT-BHU(Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University) way back in 1999, when some of the classmates were preparing to bell the CAT. I for some reason had no plans of mba in those days, but seeing others talking about it day-in day-out about ims test papers, mock cats and God knows what else, was somehow infatuated towards this.

But in those days ‘MBA for me – no way’. I was a techie, destined for core electrical engineering job, somehow landed in a software company. Clock kept on ticking, some janta still in the CAT euphoria, some in GRE looking for MS or rather $$ dreams, and some like me chilling out on Ganges Ghat. Post engineering, landed up in Pune for job, was amazed by computers & internet – an entirely different world for a person for whom computer means a typerwriter-tv combo on which you can play ‘Doom’, ‘Heretic’ and ‘Solitaire’.

I got engrossed in the myrid world of coding, but more frequently in ‘Age of Empires’ and ‘Yahoo Messanger’ 🙂 But the MBA, dint leave itself behind. Few of the colleagues strated the CAT preperation again, and I for one, use to laugh at those poor souls, who were planning to leave a well paying job to go back to school…!! Anyway during the course of time few of them made it to IIMs, and one chap had the privilege to be the founding batch of ISB. So this was the first time i heard about ISB, and I developed a deep-rooted but dormant desire to be at ISB someday. But that someday was not to be seen till 3 years hence, when I finally decided to write GMAT.


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