Posted by: alok | October 17, 2004

Gearing up for the GMAT

Thinking of writting the GMAT soon. I dont know when i will write it, yet to finalise on the date. At this stage I am not even sure whether I am worthy of an MBA or not.
Academically the MBA program would not be a challenge for me, but i am more concerned about my prospects and my fit in the job profile typical of an MBA. Still browsing through websites of B-Schools around the world, unable to decide on which schools to apply to – one of them will be ISB, dont know about the rest. May be INSEAD, as even that is 1 year program.

But whereever I apply i must write GMAT. I was scanning through the Kaplan and some websites on net for GMAT preperations. The quant section seems easy, but my verbal being pathetic I am finding it difficult – especially the Sentence Correction Part. Hopefully there will some tricks of trade which i need to crack to get at elusive 700+ score.


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