Posted by: alok | January 4, 2005

Finally wrote the GMAT

Whew..!!! I finally wrote the GMAT today. What a weekend it had been. All my friends were partying, and celebrating the new year, I for one was engrossed in the Official Guide for last few days. I should have probably studied the book a few days back.

What lame excuses i had to make to my clients for half a day off to write the GMAT…!! Anyway all wells that ends well. Finally wrote the GMAT today. scored a decent 720. (50 Quant 38 Verbal). I think its a decent score to apply to any school. The score is good, got a nice international work experience, can get good recos, write not-so-bad essays — but alas the days are gone. Currently application process for only ISB is going on. So better rush to it – or Alok your procrastinating habit will kill the chances at isb also. I think I better get started with writting essays and arranging for recos.


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