Posted by: alok | February 18, 2005

The gruelling application process….

I had never thought that the mba application process would be so gruelling experience. Wrote the essays, read it again and again a zillion times, and i still find pieces requiring some improvement. The deadlines are approaching and i am still not satisfied with the essays. Got it reviewed by Reddy (an IIMA alum and one of the guys whose english is uncomparable) – he just ripped apart my essays. Says its all crap, ISB will never-ever entertain such essays – completely unprofessional – and God knows what all. Thank God Reddy is not in the admissions committee of ISB – had he been there, no one would ever make it to ISB. Probably i will not incorporate any of his comments – I like my essays to be ‘purely unprofessional’ – a unique style…!! Lets see how it turns out to be.

Luckily i din’t had to run pillar to post for the recos, as the recommendars Sunil and Madhu both are in Minneapolis itself. Wondering what they will write in the reco. – hopefully nothing bad, if not excellent.

I must confess the essay writting part for an MBA program is the most trickiest part. Not sure how much importance does ISB give to the essays, but I guess it is reflective of a person’s general outlook, apart from the usual stuffs like english etc.

The sturggle for a completely ‘unprofessional essay’ continues……


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