Posted by: alok | April 4, 2005

The last day in US

Today is my last day in US, as I am leaving for India to pursue my cherished dream of an MBA. God knows will I ever come back to US or not.

The stay out here has been really very relaxed, except for the few hiccups in job. On retrospection what did i do new in US – made quite a few good friends, earned few accolades in work, earned handsome money, learned few tricks of stock market, read lots of books pertaining to the same, learned to drive a car- drove to Mt. Rushmore, Smoky Mountains, Atlanta, Chicago, Duluth,Niagra, went to Canada, wrote GMAT, went to bars, tasted crab-lobster-prawns-octopus-salmon, red wine, taquilla, bought a laptop, a digital camera, and few other gizmos, saw snowfall, falls, skidded the car in snow, nearly got mugged, learned to cook chicken, hacked into others emails, promoted piracy through torrents…… and finally got a warm send off even from clients (the most touching moment – the Client’s Director Mark Gladding, Project Managers – Steve Cooley, Steven Schaunkey, Abhijit Pradhan, Accentures consultants all were at my desk yesterday with Donuts… and good wishes. Sorry to leave them in this critical phase of the project)

So all in all a real fruitful year…!!! Already did all my packings, except this laptop, just killing my time…. waiting for 2 O’clock … will have an Indian Lunch and Off to India…!!!


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