Posted by: alok | July 29, 2005

Term 3 Party

Yesterday night, we had our section party again (the second time). Courtesy Dipanjan, our Class Rep, a supercharged guy, always eager to take up new activitites. His idea is we will have a section party first thursday of every term. The theme this time was “Govinda”, so all Busy Bees (this is what we occassionally call our section B janta, the other name being Gachibulls) were expected to turn up in “Govinda-Style” dresses. It started off with Sid (the kid in the section) and his band wagon for the event “Guess the personality”, followed by tug-of-war, dance, beer, leg-pulling, solo fusion vocal-performance by Hanuman aka Vineeth (he is a teriffic singer), then Mani using his creativity thru an extempore karnatik raaga. Our CR and Sagar came up with gift vouchers for winners of sports and the best Govinda-style dressed person, which was Bhuwan this time in his bright orange shirt, a blue chunri tied as belt around his waist.

I for one was busy with beer bottles, of which I lost count of after 3 or 4. This was one of those rare moments when I had to leave the party in middle.

Hats off to the organisers Ramki, Kartik, Sagar, Akash and others for organising the fabulous event.


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