Posted by: alok | August 24, 2005

6 steps to greatness…

Sounds funny….??? That was my reaction (and the whole class’s too) to today’s LDP(Leadership Development Program) class by Dr. Rajeshwar Upadhaya. Infact he himself made a mockery of it by saying “If there are 6 steps to greatness, I can write a book titled ‘Greatness for dummies'”. But after 3 hours of class, all of us were convined that his 6 steps can really create some difference in us. These were:
1. Reverse your thoughts (script it). Write down what you want and recall it in your mind, just before going to bed, and immediately after waking up.
2. Good (Find good qualities in others and tell them about it)
3. Learn to greet
4. Physically train yourself

Infact, he handed over to us sheets of paper which had “I like …… because …..” written on it 4 times, and asked us to write a person’s name whom we like, and why we like him. The intention was to hand over the sheet to the person whom you have adored. I wrote 4 sheets of these. Sounds rediculous, but in the end of the day, its a great feeling to know, what people like in you. And hearing that from so many people make yourself feel proud and happy. Interestingly all of them had a same undercurrent, and that re-inforced my conviction on these positive aspects of mine. I am writting down the reasons, why people in section like me:

I Like Alok because….

  • Simplicity and Astuteness.
  • Your Brilliance and big brotherly approach.
  • Of light nature.
  • He is like a grandfather.
  • He is extremely helpful when he is needed the most. He is down to earth and assumes no air of superiority. He is very intelligent still accessible for help.
  • He is smart. He is calm and composed.
  • He is always positive in any scenario and very humble though capable.
  • He has no hangups in life and has a genuine concern
  • High IQ, Low Ego
  • Amazing sense of analysis, Good humoured and humbled buddy.

The exercise was carried out for 10 minutes or so, and its a great feeling to know so much about oneself.

Rajeshwar is an amazing prof. the way he teaches leadership is radically different from the way we perceive the subject to be. The depth of knowledge he has is uncomparable. A very well-read professor – can talk about Greek mythology to Nuclear physics – to human psychology – julius ceaser to Vivekanand – can verbatim recite slokas from Bhagwat Gita to statements from Bible.

We also had an screening of the movie “Seven Samurai” – a japanese classic, (Sholay was remake of this movie in Hindi) today. Everything went in fine note, when in the end the section gave the professor a standing ovation – a not so usual incident in campus…!!! Hats off to you Prof. for re-inforcing my belief in myself..!!!



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