Posted by: alok | October 3, 2005

From CAPM to Behaviourial Finance

The subject which i liked most in the 4th term was Investment Analysis. Although i do have much interest in the investment aspects of finance but its really amazing what a superb prof can do to the subject.
The condensed course of 10 lectures comprised of risk and variability, portfolio efficient frontier, CAPM, Options and Futures, Fixed Income and lastly Behaviourial Finance – all in just 10 days. The prof is really amazing, the way he taught, flawless speech, filled in innumerable jokes – specially when he uses hindi :).

Rarely do you find people like him who can motivate english literature students to take finance as their MBA major…!!!

Thought of doing an Independent Study under him. But my lackadasical attitude, again came in the way. ‘Aaj nahi yaar kal kar lengey’ – never ever gave much seriousness towards it. 😦

God help me… I want to come out of this laid-back attitude of mine, but unable to do so.



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