Posted by: alok | October 3, 2005

My goals and my path to destiny – a total mismatch

I came to ISB with a single track mind – highly focussed – the aim was to secure a good I-Bank job. My entire ISB admissions interview was around that, comparing Infosys vs Cognizant stock performance, Contrarion vs Value investors, Buffetology and all those stuff. I am pretty sure I was one of the most focussed guys at the time of joining.

Days went passed, then weeks, months and now 4 terms…!!! It seems I am nowhere on the path to an I-banking career. Totally screwed-up grades (one of the most important criteria to get a shortlist), no new bullet points added to the resume, dint improve my communication skills, and neither did I improve my financial skills. The worst being not up to the mark performance even in subjects which interested me – DMO, Global Economics, Accounting (Financial and Managerial), Operations and the pathetic performance in Corporate Finance. 😦

Its a real shame on me that I couldn’t get a shortlist for HSBC scholarship, – forget HSBC not even Citigroup when they shortlisted 58 students, and my name was not there.

What am I doing here? Why am I here? If I am not able to pursue a career in finance post MBA, it will be my worst night-mare come true, and I want to avoid it. Dont know what to do…:(
Made an effort at IIMA Confluence Livestock event – but doomed, trying (or rather faffing) for an article for CRISIL – Young Achiever’s Award, but again my too relaxed attitude is coming in way.

Reminds me of the song – ‘Time’ by Pink Floyd.
‘You run and you run to catch-up with the sun but its sinking’….. ‘No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun’.



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  2. […] Sometimes, I have this empty feeling when I try to think what have I gained from this programmeThe change has happened beneath the conscious layer of mindSo, the important changes might be latent for quite sometime, before it reaches the melting point and shows up.As always, Time will answer. But I can definitely say that I am a satisfied customer as of now. Not all has been hunky dory for everyone… My goals and my path to destiny – a total mismatch at From the post… Quote: […]

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