Posted by: alok | October 17, 2005

Term breaks are over :-(

Why the hell do we have term-breaks? Some say its good to have breaks so that you can take up the new term with renewed vigour. I think the ‘some’ in the last sentence would be philosophers or people who do not think practical. Most of the students are back from their vacations. Ask any of them — “Do you enjoy coming back to campus and attending classes from tomorrow with the so-called renewed vigour” and the blatant response will be – “Are you crazy” Everyone is cribbing about the electives they didn’t get, the classes they will have to attend tomorrow mornign at 8:30.

In my opinion, its better not to have any term breaks. It just makes one lazy, and breaks the routine that one is already set in. So let everyone flow with the current, dont stop the flow. It usually have devastating effects.


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