Posted by: alok | October 17, 2005

The most peculiar thing about a human being……

What is the most peculiar thing about a human being…??? And by ‘a human being’, I don’t mean someone in particular but the human population in general. This question is nagging in my head since last couple of days. Let me give it some shot…

Some say its the power to converse with others. Others say its the power to think – the human brain. Still others argue the beliefs that people have about supernatural powers. May be there are many more out there – with different answers to this question.

I for one believe its none of these – but the most peculiar thing about a human being is – ‘curiousity’ – the curiousity to know about the world around, or more commonly about the people around. We are always in a constant persuit to know about others, their life, jobs, grades, salary, which brand of underwear they wear and every damn thing that we ‘never want to disclose about own self’..!!!! Its simply surprising, how come marketing folks get paid so much money to probe into others life. For instance, in today’s rural marketing class, the prof. sees somebody’s shirts collars and says ‘Park Avenue’, he probes further ‘VIP Bonus’ ….!!! Simply rediculous. He brought out an instance of how a Kellogs graduate used cameras in bathrooms of many Brazilians to know — how Brazilians use toilet papers..!!!

I am just ‘curious’ (even i am a human being) to know would that marketing researcher be eager to volunteer to put a camera in his loo and later the information be used to rob more money out of his own pocket – by devising better toilet papers, or develop a habit of using more than 1 yard paper each time..????

Why do people write blogs, and why do others read the blogs…??? Some write blogs to connect to others, share information, help others, still others because its the ‘hep’ thing, or just its cool to have a blog, others write blogs because they just want to write their thougts. But the question which is still nagging me… why do people read others blogs…????



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