Posted by: alok | November 6, 2005

Ubiquitous – silly mistakes…

Today I had my Options and Futures mid term exam. I had prepared really well, build decent funda, and had the confidence (or should i say over confidence) could possibly crack all not-so-cryptic questions.

Scene1 – Exam hall: Literally jumped with joy on seeing the question paper. Most of them involved using some basic funda and not un-necessary complex calculations. Solved all the questions, felt elated and left the room 20 minutes before the closing bell.

Scene2 – Meet couple of guys in the cafe discussing the paper, some happy, some not-so-happy and some in utterly dejected state. The discussion brings in light few follies that i did in the exam. So mood changes from ‘elated’ to ‘not-so-happy’

Scene3 – Back to quad, discussions start again over the paper, and i realise few more silly mistakes, either calculation errors, or as simple as assuming 2 + 2 =0..!!!!! Mood changes from ‘not-so-happy’ to ‘utterly dejected’.

I am doing these types of silly mistakes since class 10th or so… screwed up my JEE, screwed up marks in engineering, screwed up many subjects in previous terms and the list goes on…!!!

If and Only If I can get out of this mistake phenomenon………….

But just dont know how to do that 😦



  1. Sir, never knew that you had been a regular blogger. Good posts. All the best for DB–>

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