Posted by: alok | November 8, 2005

DB Experience

Today we had Deutsche Bank visiting our campus for Sales and Trading role in its Global Capital Market division. I was not sure of an interview call, as their was nothing impressive in my resume except my general interest in Equity Market and Statistics. Luckily they liked it, and i got a shortlist.. 🙂

But the interviewing session wasn’t good. My unpreparedness became quite obvious within 2 minutes…. Interview started with general gyan on my past work experience, which I was able to handle properly and steer the interview towards finance and mathematics easily. He asked me two questions on stats.. “What is Sharp Ratio”, .. my answer ” I dont know”… Next question, … “What is factor analysis and how can you do factor analysis of Indian Equity market”…. again I had no clue…. I was asked two questions on a topic which i claimed to know well… but couldn’t answer either…!!!!! And that was the end of it.

Finally two folks who made it through gruelling 8 rounds of interview were Ankur Warikoo and Anjali Patel. Congrats to both of them… and best wishes for their subsequent interactions with DB.

Few good learnings from this experience:
1. Grades can only get you through resume shortlist… the common myth that I-Banks select people with high grades only is a fallacy.
2. I need to work on my articulation skills
3. Start preparing for coming interviews.
4. If I highlight one strong point in my resume, I must know it above and beyond all my batchmates, if i want to leverage it.

So get set go…. many more companies to come….. tighten your belts…!!!



  1. yes dude.
    u can crack better ones. just work on ur weak points and u will sail through..

  2. You ssem to be a person of limited patience. Dont just try to execute the job ensure the completeness and you will succeed.


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  4. hey … just read your blog. Thanks for wishes. DB is working me really hard by the way.. its fun though 🙂 Don’t worry I know you’ll do really well wherever you are! 🙂

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