Posted by: alok | December 30, 2005

Benefits of internet …!!!

What can be the greatest benefit of internet to an unemployed? If you are wondering i am going to write about sites like ‘’ or ‘’, then you are wrong. I am going to write about the actual exam papers that you can get from internet. May sound funny to some, to others it will come as a surprise, to rest a feeling of disgust on the recruiting policies of some of the best firms.

Was browsing through wikipedia for infosys foundation, when i came across a discussion forum for infosys. (click here to access the forum), and in one of the discussion threads came across placement papers. Click here to access the previous years placement papers from some of the leading Indian Companies…!!

Reminds me of the engineering college days, when 3rd year students would be waiting outside exam halls of 4th yearites to know what was asked in the placement papers, or use contacts in other colleges where the company had already visited. But now the students do not have to run pillar to post for papers. The collection is available to them at the site.

Not sure to what extent these questions are correct, but this puts a question mark on the recruitment policies of these firms. Are they really recruiting the best of the breed from engineering campuses or are they recruiting the person with the best networking or web-surfing skills..??

Sometimes the internet makes life really tough for students without much access to web resources. You have to write a term paper, an article, essays for admissions to MS or MBA, and now exam papers for companies, you just need to know how to browse the net. Imagine the plight of a student without internet access, the efforts that (s)he has to put in to write a paper comparable to those written by professionals. I pray that the evaluator would be able to distinguish an essay written from some internet resource and someone’s own creativity.

My best wishes to the students without internet access.


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