Posted by: alok | December 30, 2005

Perspective – The latest fad in campus

Suddenly everyone is talking about ‘perspective’…!!! But what the hell is this perspective all about? It all started with Pramat Sinha, Principal McKinsey and the first Dean of ISB giving a talk about interviewing skills. His message was that all of us need to have some ‘perspective’ on day to day news, and be able to give an informed critique on recent happenings like – ‘soaring oil prices’, ‘Rashtriya Nirman Yojna’, ‘Bull Market’ etc.

So why this sudden hoopla about ‘perspective building’? We are having ‘perspective building sessions’, ‘group discussions in campus, atrium and dining table’. If you see more than 2 students at any place together, chances are pretty high that they would be talking about ‘perspectives’. To me its great to have ‘perspectives’, but not just for name sake. Comes placement season and suddenly everyone is reading newspaper, discussing editorials, attending ‘KSS’ (knowledge sharing sessions) from peers. It will be interesting to know how many of us continue post placement season.


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