Posted by: alok | January 3, 2006

Resurrection of an Idle Mind

What does an idle mind at ISB do? Watch movies, play AoE (Age of Empires), NFS, Mortal Combat, booze, date, sweat on treadmills or basketball courts, is busy on phone, watch all sorts of interesting things that internet has to offer, read other’s blogs, or worst still just browse net. I belong to the last category 🙂

Infact, this is what i was doing the whole night today. Started with exploring some stocks to invest in, scanned few pages from wikipedia and somehow landed upon ‘Right Brain- Left Brain’ dichotomy…!!! Now don’t ask me how does stock valuation sites led me to psychology. But having landed there once, started exploring the pluses and minues of left brain and right brain manager. Out of curiousity took an online test and to my surprise, found myself to be 74% right brain and 26% left brain…!! Shocked beyond imagination. I knew myself to be skewed, but to this extent…… weird…. Crosschecked it on two other sites, one says “Out of 18 questions you answered 13 as right brained and 5 as left brained”, other one says “You are more right brained than 91% of human beings”….!!!! What it essentially means is i don’t think sequentially, do not care about details, rather give more emphasis on broader picture, jump from one thing to other in purely random fashion, or worst still never keep my belongings organised. Quite true.. but all these are too bad for a manager in a standard brick and mortar firm 😦

Some psychological theory claims…
“The left brain works more with logic and analysis, the right works more with emotions and imagination.

As we apply brain dominance theory to the three essential roles of organizations, we see that the manager’s role primarily would be left brain and the leader’s role right brain. The producer’s role would depend upon the nature of the work. If it’s verbal, logical, analytical work, that would be essentially left brain; if it’s more intuitive, emotional, or creative work, it would be right brain. People who are excellent managers but poor leaders may be extremely well organized and run a tight ship with superior systems and procedures and detailed job descriptions. But unless they are internally motivated, little gets done because there is no feeling, no heart; everything is too mechanical, too formal, too tight, too protective.”

So i am going to be a poor manager, but probably a good leader… 🙂 Only time will (dis)prove the theory.



  1. buddy.. can you put up the link to that online test?

  2. even i would like to attempt that test once!! can u plzz give its link?–>

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