Posted by: alok | January 27, 2006

A punch line for resume….

Interested in Equity Research..? How about having the following as a punch line in your Resume/EOI…..

“My qualifications for the post of an Equity Research Analyst is unique because I do not analyze the economy, have little interest in corporate developments and fundamentals and do not use traditional, technical, quantitative or other market indicators. “

Sounds rediculous…?? Think over it again, may be this punch line can get you a job at ‘Birinyi Associates‘.

According to their website…
“Our approach is to understand the psychology and history of the market, and most importantly the actions of investors. Much of our effort involves money flows, or what has traditionally been called ticker tape analysis.”

Wondering, what the heck is this ‘ticker tape analysis’ ? As far as I know some researchers/enthusiasts use this method of analyzing money flows to predict the direction of stocks. It’s one indirect benefit of integrating research analysis with sales and trading..!!! But never thought that there are people who actually trust this method to put their money on it..

And by the way don’t miss Birnyi’s blog postings on ‘TickerSense‘…!! You may find some real interesting posts.



  1. Hey,

    Alok how is the placement scene. My background is slightly similar to yours when you applied. Did you make a career change ? It would be very helpful for future applicants if you reflect your experiences in these aspects.
    wishing you well.

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