Posted by: alok | February 4, 2006

Random Browsing through the Blogger’s world….

Internet is a really interesting thing – especially if you have unlimited high speed access to the same at no cost. So what does one do with this asset?

I for one, browsed through few blogs, which ultimately led to me to few interesting sites on Indian Economy, Blogs on Indian Stock Market, and New Economist Discussion forum. Found some real interesting stuff on these, and honoring the intellectual property of the writers, I hereby give a brief discription of what I found, and the links to those.

Reflections on Equity Research : The writer gives an emphatic discription of few of the intricacies of equity research, is also a technology enthusiast.

Ticker Sense : A blog by Biriyni Associates – give some gyan on wall street – lots of technical analysis, but the most interesting thing about them is here

Gala Time: One of the rarest blogs on Indian Equity Market. Gives lots of gyan on US market, Derivative segment and others. Interestingly, while reading the ‘about me’ section I found this guy to be a friend of Ram (my quadi here at ISB).

Rupya: This belongs to the same league as of GalaTime. But is purely focussed on Indian Market, and provides an interesting analysis of recent bull run in sugar stocks.

New Economist: Blog on Indian Economy, developments, laws its implications.. and what not..!!!

So happy browsing..!!


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