Posted by: alok | February 11, 2006

A Speedier Superstore…

Enter WalMart, the largest retailer in the worls, and find atleast 100,000 SKUs, to meet all your needs. And then you have ‘We Sell For less’..!! Can you beat a retail store, where you get almost everything that you want, at the ‘cheapest’ price, huge parking space, a pizza counter, a bank, a drug store everything under one roof?

So whats the WalMarts biggest limitation? You have to get out of your car, and go into the store.

What about a drive-through hypermart, as big as walmart, providing all the SKUs, and everything that you find in WalMart. This is the idea of AutoCart, a high tech drive-through superstore set to debut next spring. AutoCart is planning to unviel first of its 130,000 square foot superstore. The company is trying out a pilot project in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The concept is the same as that of a drive through burger kings, but slightly better. You can order your goods over phone, or through the online website, the order is packed using some-automated mechanised system, and as you drive through is available to you. You can pay by credit-card, cash or checks at exit.

Sounds good…!! But what if you are driving home from work and felt the need to buy something… Don’t worry, you can do the same as you do in BurgerKing, drive to the counter, order, and get your stuff at exit. AutoCart, system can even hook on to your car-radio, and you can order and will be informed about the status over your car-radio, without the need for sliding the window-pane (a boon for a stormy chilling winter night).

The only thing that AutoCart does not provide – is a playground and toys for children accompanying the parents which WalMart provides. But then AutoCart has a good answer to that – let your children sleep peacefully in the backseat of your car..!!!!!



  1. hm….nice post…lets see how wekk Auto cart fares….but there cld b one slight prob…..wat if..wat if …wen u collect ur goods either thru a drive thru or geta parcel home…just to find out its the wrong prod dats delivered! :)……well…i must say by the way this article is written it seems like u’ve already been to usa or so..coz the rolling down of the window gives u a feel of it. 🙂

  2. Hmm.., and the next thing we know we will have a drive through gym 😉

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