Posted by: alok | March 28, 2006

Shift of balance of power

How quickly does time change balance of power and your bargaining power.!! A real experience for me – courtesy placement process at ISB. I got chucked out from few companies, in which I was seriously interest. ISB days were coming to an end, and I had no offer. Attending a party, seeing others having a nice time; and me in jobless state is no good fun. I didn’t find a respite even in couple of pegs. Infact the worst thing to do is — booze when you are not happy, it aggravates the problem..!! Never do that. Booze only when you are happy… it adds to your happiness..!!!

I attended quite a few interviews after that, and it was always that the recruiters had the upper hand. I approached my alumni, friends and all resources that I could muster to forward my resume to their respective companies. It went on well in few of them, and before the final offer from them, I got a good offer – thanks to our placement cell.

The balance of power is now in my favor. Now, I am wondering how and when to say NO to other firms where I had already been at the final stages. It’s even more difficult to say no – when you approached a firm through your acquaintances. Will it in anyway impact their relationship with their bosses.

Should I wait till the firms give the final offer, and I reject them saying the offer is not good, or should I tell them, I have an offer of which I am happy about, and would not like to take up the discussion further…???? Probably common sense and Negotiation profs will advise, to go with the first option; negotiate harder with the other firms, as your BATNA is very high, you may get an even better deal. Somehow I am not convinced with the idea that you should bargain heavily on salary in one firm, if you are happy with the alternative you already have.

When in doubt, follow your instincts – I am choosing the later option.

Disclaimer: Readers please don’t interpret my not getting an offer for long time, as a problem with ISB’s placement. Probably I was not competent for the companies in which I applied, or the other way round – the role and offer was not exciting enough for me.


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