Posted by: alok | July 27, 2006

India – A land of Opportunities..!!!

Imagine a person drowning in sea. Rescue workers trying to save his life. And on the shore people putting bets on the life of the person. Don’t know what to call it.

This is a hypothetical case of a true incidence which was aired on most of the TV channels in India. For the uninformed, here’s what happened – Prince, a 5 year old boy, fell in a boring well (around 60 feet deep, and just 1 and half feet wide). Villagers efforts for 10 hours to rescue the child was to no avail, before the city administration was informed. Police and Army was roped in to ‘fish-out’ the child from the dungeon. As the hole was narrow, noone could get inside to bring out the child, so military personnel dug a tunnel from the nearby well to this borewell, and somehow managed to reach the child. It took around 50 hours before the child was out of the hole, and the entire drama was aired live on most of the TV channels across India. Everyone (I assume) who saw this action, would have prayed/hoped for survival of the child, and saluted the Army for rescuing the child.

But then there are few bookies who were betting on the life of the child. The bets were very high initially against the kid, but seeing military’s actions bet swinged the other way. And do you know the amount of money that was bet on the child– A Staggering Rs 150 Crores..!!!!!

Its rightly said, India is a land of opportunities, You can make money from anything and everything..!!!


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