Posted by: alok | August 1, 2006

Wi-Fi Noida….

I recently, heard (aka read, in a daily – newspapers are full of gossips, so it cud be one of them) that Noida Development Authority (NDA) is planning to make all its highways Wi-Fi enabled. Wondering what’s the motive behind this. Is NDA planning to have some sort of pre-paid cards, which you can use to surf the internet while on road. (Drivers, and traffic police beware… there’s already a ban on using cell-phone while driving). Suppose the Wi-Fi access is free, how can NDA make money out of it. The ‘Hot-Spots’ in Barrista and other ‘hep’ places in metros also provde free internet access, but I think, their presumption is that if you surf for 1 hour, atleast you will drink one-coffee, and probably that’s there revenue model. Secondly, you don’t have to go to Barista with a pretty girl on your side…. you can walk alone with a laptop, ‘stags entry allowed’ :), and increasing their customer base.

Not sure how much investment would NDA have to do for this, but to get a rough idea, it costed my alma-mater (IT-BHU) a hefty $55,000 just to make the campus Wi-Fi enabled, and this does not include the cost of bandwidth usage, and other infrastructures like internet gateway, firewalls, etc. which was in place because of the existing LAN setup. So imagine making all the major-roads in a city wi-fi. So what’s the revenue model of NDA? Can an agency provide free internet access and still make money out of it?



  1. “you don’t have to go to Barista with a pretty girl on your side”
    but who would surf internet while having a cofffee with a hot chick?

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