Posted by: alok | August 24, 2006

Interesting observation on behaviour of search engines..!!!

Its sometimes really interesting to see how does search engines behave. No I don’t have any technical knowledge of the functioning of yahoo and google. But below are some of the search terms people used and landed up on my blog..!!!

Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi” – I don’t know what information the person was seeking out about this soap-opera, but the person landed up on my post “Blood on the street” which talks about the May stock market crash/ Here i was trying to convey TV viewers still had the same tastes and the TV channels wud continue to make the same money.

Paid surfing $1/hour” – Most probably this person was looking for a low-cost internet surfing parlor. How does this link to my two posts “Arbitrage Opportunities” and “Benefits of Internet“? In arbitrage opportunities – I was talking about phone calls at $1 and in Benefits of Internet – i was talking about web-surfing habits..!! Needless to say the person would have been highly disgusted at the results of his search engine.

Arbitrage put call ratio” – Probably a finance student wanted to search something for his term paper… but landed on my posts “Arbitrage Opportunities” (name is itself evident of the search result) and “Blood on the street” (i talked about ignoring the technicals in market crash)..!!

Sister Concern of Rolex” – Now this must be really interesting – what the person would be looking for is evident from the search term, but how did the search engine directed him/her to my posts… “placement Seasons” and “Money Money Money”…?? In “Placement seasons” – i was talking about interviews in ‘sister concern’ of an investment bank.. and in “Money Money Money” – i was talking about some guys who earn lots sitting at home and crown their rolex wathces…!!!! Wow search engines are really great..!!!!

ISB essays” – probably an ISB applicant, was doing some search to find ready-made essays, landed up on my posts “The gruellng applciation process” (talks about my experiences in applying for ISB) – not that bad afterall, much closer than the others.

Walkins for call centers in noida” – probably a job-seeker, looking for ongoing walkins in noida to try his luck. and Viola the search engine landed him on my post.. “weird recruitment process” takling about a startup who deceived a client.

There are similar few more instances of search results leading to my blog. So probably search engines spiders – roam around the virtual world and removes all ‘a’, ‘an’, ‘the’ ‘is’ ‘are’ etc. and cache in all nouns, action verbs, on web pages. Its the high time we need a search engine who gives ‘relevant’ information about what i am searching for. I don’t need a statistics which tells there are 1 million websites have the information that i am looking for..!!!!! A search engine where I can type in a specific question – “Give me a list of all internet parlors which charge $1/hour for net surfing in 5 miles radius of zip code 55369” – and the search engine should not take me to or “” or “beauty parlors” or “HLL product – surf” or “zips of Britney Spears trousers” or some CIA agent code-named “code 55369”..!!!!!

Anyone from Yahoo/Google/Alta Vista listening…???


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