Posted by: alok | October 18, 2006

Google on a shopping spree…

Its a fact – if you want to work in Google, better start an internet venture, get acquired by Google, pocket in few millions (billions if you are very lucky) and be the product manager/head of your division in Google…!!! Nothing in your life will change, except your email address, visiting card, and ofcourse your bank balance. Contrast this with, days and weeks of interviews, presentations, and god knows what all, to become a programmer in Google..!!!!

A couple of weeks back i uploaded few of my personal files at Didn’t check the account for few days, and recently saw Google Spreadsheets in the top 50 coolest website published by Time. Out of curiousity I just clicked on the link.. and behold, i found my files uploaded at in the google spreadsheet…!!! You got it right, Google acquired Writely and called itself Goolge Spreadsheets, and became the top 50 coolest websties. And that’s the power of marketing muscle. I wonder if Writely on its own would ever have figured in any of the Time listings.
So get your act together, and startdoing something on internet space (or Web2.0 as commonly referred to as in the Geek’s world) …. your chances of getting a job in Google and few millions is higher than being selected through a formal job interview process at Google.

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