Posted by: alok | November 3, 2006

Five point someone….

Read “Five Point Someone” by Chetan Bhagat yesterday – got so much engrossed in it that finished the book in one sitting – only to wake up with drowsy eyes today morning. It’s an excellent book – something which you can relate with especially if you have been to any engineering college in India. I guess the life would be as gruesome or may be worse in medical colleges (remember Class by Erich Segal?). It took me to my IT-BHU days. Though I was no where near being a 5-pointer but not too far either J

There were the maggus (the way we loved to call them as, and some of them really felt proud of being called one) who crammed all day, and all night, made all notes, and score “Nine Point Something”. However, at the same time there were few (rather one) who could be found loitering on Assi ghats, play cricket, and always half intoxicated with previous nights “neat” and scored perfect 10. There was one character, for whom any exam meant studying “Resnik and Halliday” and then one who used to get Xerox of all notes for few lesser mortals like us whose scores in certain subjects remained in binary digits on a scale of 20…!

The book reminded me of everything that we used to do in the campus…. The episode of breaking into HOD’s daughter room and being chased reminded me of how we “a gang of loafers” circled a BHU nurse (or may be a medical student) who was going alone at 12 in the night. Imagine the plight of a girl in a dreaded place like BHU, being encircled by a gang of some 7-8 guys on a lonely street in night. It felt exhilarating at that moment to scare a girl… but the next moment…. We saw two lights of a jeep (BHU Security) and that scared the shit out of us…. We paddled the bicycle at a pace that wud have put Lance Armstrong to shame..!!!

The day 1 episode in corridor took me to my days….. the only difference was that the coke bottle was replaced with lighted candles..!!!! No no don’t worry .. controls your reins… these are just meant to scare the “fattachas”

There’s hell lot of stories and incidents to share… everyday in those 4 glorious years had its own share of incidents. May be I need a separate tag for those incidents 🙂



  1. HOw bout the incident with the prof’s daughter in the prof’s house…did that remind u of any incidents u were involved with??? 🙂

  2. I havent checked the ‘trical blog lately, but i suppose you should post this there as well…

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