Posted by: alok | December 5, 2006

Business 2.0

Seems that I have been out of scene for quite sometime – the “2.0” buzz had caught on faster than I envisioned. I just knew about Web 2.0 and Mobile 2.0. But recently chanced upon something like “Business 2.0”. If we didn’t had “Business 1.0”, then what the heck is this “Business 2.0“? So here it goes –

Actually it is business magazine published by CNN (, which caters to latest happenings and developments in business… It talks about so called “next-generation” business ideas, startups, disruptive technologies – which were not there a few years back or more aptly in the “Business 1.0” era. Wow, now that is something which you call the “2.0 mania”, which is gripping the world faster than the “Dynomania” (manical addiction to dynosaurs related goodies after Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park).

So if there is a mania gripping the world, then enterpreneurs and with them the VCs would never be behind. Though I didn’t spend much time on the Business 2.0 magazine, but liked the concept, and some of the articles: “20 Startup companies to start now” – some ideas propounded by the leading VCs, “101 dumbest moments in business” and some others.

On a side note – if you are into blogging, you might like spending your precious bandwidth and otherwise worthless time on like the way I am doing…!!


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